Lessons & Classes


I teach individuals and dance couples, as well as group classes.

Focus areas:

  • Posture and movement evaluation:
    • look at posture/tension/ quality of touch.
    • help your arms grow out into frame synergistically with your torso and head.
    • help your neck be long and beautiful instead of tight and contracted.
  • Gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction to undo tension patterns.
  • Help you to master the inner game of Posture and Poise.
  • Improve your coordination so you can dance across the floor with ease, not effort.
  • Understand body mechanics and mental focus needed to take flight.


I was feeling so free that I left, dancing on the clouds.

Lupita Cox

I love helping dancers solve movement problems:

  • Resolve body problems that affect your dancing: Pain, tension, anxiety, overuse injuries.
  • Undo and retrain persistent habits that keep cropping up.
  • Feel freedom in the body, control movement without tension, and free yourself to dance without limits.

I was practicing today and really struggling and frustrated. Then I felt it, the tension in my jaw and throat that you worked on…start working on releasing it…and what do you know… suddenly I could move my whole body fluidly!!! Looking forward to learning so much more!!!

Kaydie Paschall

Private Lessons

Dance Vita Ballroom
The Starlite Ballroom
Pacific Ballet
Other dance studios by arrangement.

Privately in my home studio. Contact Dana for a free consultation.

Dana teaches students to find a place of quiet in the body, and in connection with it, the mind. In the Alexander Technique I have found tools for releasing body tensions, sloughing off the residue of habit and physical injury, to find the underlying natural posture and movement. A benefit to my dancing and to my dance students.

Shawne Workman

Group Classes

Wednesdays, 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Pacific Ballet Studio, Mt. View, CA
Monthly series class

I enjoyed your class and am applying your techniques to my practice of an “attitude spin” and breathing correctly all of the time.

Sheri Courtney

Special Workshops

At Dance Studios and Competitions
By arrangement.

Dana’s workshop on Alexander Technique was the best I have ever attended, and I’ve seen been to several before…For example, she taught us exactly how to balance our heads on our spines.  She made nuanced ideas so easy to understand both with words and with touch. We felt the results in our bodies. Everything she talked about we experienced physically.

Rani Fischer

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You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.

F.M. Alexander

Free yourself from tension and Dance without Limits:
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